to provide a secure foundation of

The aims and mission of Soc Int is

How We Do It

numbers of orphans continues to

the third world countries, the

India and the UK. All around

stability to the children of Africa,

difference in these children's lives.

Soc Int feel that we can make a

charity we, the young people of

rise and  as a young 4 young 

to plan and organise fundraising events

children. These funds will provide a home,

events to help raise funds for the

We dedicate our time and efforts



food and health care for the children.

such as "Praise-A-Thons" and other fun  


House number and street name






What We Do  

the crowd and make a difference!

to join the team and stand up from 

We also encourage other young people

Picture of young person

Picture of young person

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